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The Philosophy of sustainability, LEED and Muskoka Granite veneer.


What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy  and Environmental  Design and is a voluntary program to define and measure what constitutes a “green” building. Muskoka Granite veneer can play a role in attaining LEED certification by offering durability, reduced energy in the processing, as well as reduced engineering , labour and transportations costs  since it is made right here in Ontario.

There are many benefits to using Muskoka Granite veneer from Ontario Stone Depot in LEED and “green” buildings, such as the efficient use of less stone with the material,  the efficient use of structural components with the reduced weight (15 pounds per square foot),  lack of volatile organic compounds or gasses emanating from the material,  reduced energy for shipping and handling because it is a local product, the lack of environmentally damaging chemicals or materials in the extraction and production processes of the material and finally, the biggest benefit, which is the labour energy saving component achieved during installation.

Muskoka Granite veneer from Ontario Stone Depot is a very versatile and cost effective material to install and can be used to put new life into older, existing structures by going right over old brick or stucco buildings. There can be as much as a 45% reduction on labour/installation costs over full bed stone. The veneer product can be used in almost any application inside or outside and provides a superb alternative to manufactured  stone, which is essentially processed concrete.


Our Muskoka Granite Veneer products will allow you to compete on any project where man-made and non-sustainable cladding products are specified.  We can offer the beauty and permanence of natural stone veneer  (with matching landscape stone if needed) while contributing to LEED certification and we can also ensure that projects get finished on time and on budget.


Email us to find out more about the specific credits that may apply to your project.  info@ontariostonedepot.com 

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