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Special Offer- Port Sydney Buff Veneer Mix now for only $7.95 Cdn ft (save 40%) This is what it looks like on a fireplace. 


The brick look started with the post war construction boom of the 1950s and 1960s where brick was used extensively in residential building applications. As the decades rolled by, subsequent homeowners might have painted the brick or simply left it "as is", which either way, has left the space blank, boring, and in need of a change. With our natural Muskoka granite veneer, we can now cover existing brick in places where a fresh look and design can greatly benefit an aged space where brick is no longer considered aesthetically pleasing, all while leveraging the structural integrity of the existing brick.
For $10K - $50K homeowners can add significant value to their homes in a few weeks without any structural changes required.  


Ontario Stone Depot has a list of qualified masons that are available to complete your project.  Please call or email us the location of the job and the nature of the project and we will send you a list of masons that we recommend for your project.  All of our preferred masons have worked with Muskoka Granite stone in the past and have received positve feedback from previous customers. 
Ontario Stone Depot has been recommending masons in Ontario for over several years and only recommends highly qualified, professional companies. 
Call us at 705-385-8000 or email us at info@ontariostonedepot.com for more information.


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