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Muskoka Granite Veneer


We offer a large selection of Muskoka Granite Veneer products including square cut, five point, ledgerock, ashlar and a Muskoka Mix veneer.  We are the only veneer manufacturer in Ontario that uses specialized guillotines and a TSX diamond blade saw.  Do not settle for hand cut imitations or granite that does not originate from the natural Muskoka outcrops.
With our Muskoka veneers you can place them right over existing structurers without needing a ledge.  Your labour costs will be significantly less than a 4" full bed stone.
Why settle for "fake", non environmentally friendly veneer products when you can have Muskoka Granite veneer at an affordable price.



There is no substitution for Real Muskoka Granite Stone.
  • Square Cut Veneer
  • Five Point Veneer
  • Ledgerock Veneer
  • Ashlar Veneer
  • Muskoka Mix Veneer
  • Rustic Rosseau Veneer


With Muskoka Granite Thinstone Veneer, you never have to worry about stone chips, discolouration, repeating patterns, environmental concerns, fading, replacement stone and redoing your project long before you are ready.  You want to feel good about your stone project and enjoy it for a lifetime.  Why use "fake Stone" when you can have real natural stone for your home or cottage.  After all it is an investment, and one that you will probably find very affordable.


Square Cut Genuine Muskoka Granite
Avoid hand cut imitations. 
Our 4", 7" and 11.5" pattern is only available through Ontario Stone dealers. 


Above- Five Point Muskoka Granite Veneer project in progress



Above: Dry Stack Muskoka Granite Ledgerock Veneer with Corners



We've removed the TON from STONE